A Brief

Bored through the Summer?

Well, Why not Code it through?

Expand your Network

Form a Coding Pod to work on a project of your choice and get to impart/receive immense FOSS knowledge through a mentor-mentee conversation

Strengthen your Portfolio

Create useful projects worth exhibiting, and get support in your growth through code reviews and community interaction.

Learn. More. Daily.

With an adequately Competitive and Incentivizing Environment, you get to strengthen your development skills.

All under the Umbrella of IET BIT Mesra.


Mentors Sign Up

By Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 11:59 pm

Mentors can put in their projects as they desire. We will support you in getting it ready for the event, and the final list of Selected Projects will be published on July 15th, 2020, Thursday.

Mentors Sign Up
Mentees Sign Up

Mentees Sign Up

By Sunday, July 19th 2020. 11:59 pm

Mentees can put up their candidature so that the project chosen can cater more specifically to their needs. Also, get registered as a mentee to score for your PRs and compete to the top of the ScoreBoard. One can also opt to form developer pods alongwith their mentors and help grow the community.


Pod Formation

July 20th 2020, Monday.

Get into groups on distinct channels with your mentor and fellow participants to fully have a grasp on the Project. As a member of the pod, you will be allotted milestones whose definite worth is reflected upon in your final Scorebords. Be sure to sail through the Milestones while the clock ticks by.

Pod Formation


Start 20th July 2020
Task 1 Submission 7th August 2020
Task 2 Submission 17th August 2020
Task 3 Submission 29th August 2020
Final Merges and END 31st August 2020

Race through milestones of a pod to lead the scoreboard.
Even outside of a pod, make successful PRs to any repository put forth by the Organization and get scored accordingly.

What To Know?

The more, the merrier.

However, sufficient knowledge of Git, experienced with the required Basic Tech Stack, Courtesy and Eagerness to Learn can Definitely go a Long Way

Get on With Git and FOSS

July 16th 2020, Thursday
Our Group Chat Platform

You can get to avoid all embarassments of a rookie Git user with a valuable set of resources provided by the organizers. Thus you can concentrate better on your current project than for the VCS to mediate through. Till then have a basic idea of Git.

Get on With Git and FOSS
PRs? Scores?

PRs? Scores?


Make PRs in the provided projects and your mentor / repository owner will grade it alongwith the organizers on all merged PRs from the participants. These scores will be tallied onto the weekly and the overall scoreboards.
In addition, every weekend various activities will be organized to get you to score more and sharpen your skills

🥇 Arun Bhagat image_captioning 427.5
🥈 Rajiv Ranjan Singh livestream, image_captioning, A-POP, iBlog, covid_cure 391
🥉 Harit Yadav EmotionRecog 246.5
💯 Md. Zeeshan Equbal A-POP, livestream 214
💯 Swarnima Tiwari covid_cure 153
💯 Aitik Gupta EmotionRecog 138.5
✔️ Animesh Mishra EmotionRecog 89.5
✔️ Ayush Nanda iBlog 45
✔️ Vaibhav Kumar EmotionRecog 44.5
✔️ Asra EmotionRecog 44.5
✔️ Shivam Kumar EmotionRecog 44.5
✔️ Vidit Chopra A-Pop 28

Find them all here at BITSoC

Arjun Anand covid_cure

It's an android app designed for the people of Himachal Pradesh now our motive is to expand this for all over India.
Some more exciting features are aimed to be added during this course of time. Current Features:
1. Real Time fetching of COVID cases of the state
2. Geofencing
3. one to one messege service with authorities

Android, XML, Material Design, Java, Kotlin, Retrofit

Deepesh Manwani Scan-Set-Go

The idea behind the project is to eliminate the checkout lines from Shopping Malls and stores, it allows shopper to directly scan the bar code of a product through his phone while picking it up from aisle. When the shopper is done with the shopping, he is able to pay the net amount without standing and waiting in checkout lines.

MERN Stack(Redux)

Paras Gupta iBlog

There are a lot of websites that are what people refer to as blogging platforms and they are quite popular. What I thought was that people prefer stuff that offers interaction. Radio turned to telephone. Text to Whatsapp. People are inclined towards two way communication and everyone expects that, even if that's subconsciously.
Like if anyone posts something on instagram, they want people to like it and share their thoughts via comments. Same on YouTube.
So that brings us to people who comment. They want their views to be heard. It's human nature.
So I bring to you iBlog. It's a blogging website as you might have guessed. But what's new?
Go ahead and find out..

MERN Stack (Redux and NestJs preferred)

Sarath Kaul livestream

Webpage that will Livestream the project ideas.

Flask, SQL & Javascript

Abhishek Naidu A-POP

A-POP, is a HD Music Stream Application 🎧 built in order to provide high sound clarity to respective Youtube or SoundCloud Songs, and that too without ads and video streaming! Just Music and Chill 😉 It's actually a hack for students, to listen to songs and bgm's from Youtube without even buffering data for video streams.

It is built using GraphQL, Apollo Client, Material-UI and obviously React!

Rahul Harlalka image_captioning

Image captioning :- generates captions for images

Machine learning, Deep learning and python

Reetwik Chatterjee EmotionRecog.

We would classify different emotions as happy, confident, angry, sleepy or low, etc. It would help you for preparing for virtual interviews like the one on skype, etc. We would deploy the model on app or web for better usage. One would be scored on their facial expressions while speaking in front of camera.

Python, Deep Learning, Flask, Retrofit, Firebase

Shivam Kumar

A video conferencing experience smoothened by Machine Learning The project will be divided into multiple phases. Depending on how far we can reach, we will have the following completed

  • P0: Create a peer to peer video calling solution, based on webRTC or better
  • P1: introduce machine learning based solutions for audio (and possibly video) quality
  • P2: Focus on the overall experience, create a better UI, bundle it with text chat, try to make it multi participant.
  • P3: Use ML to make the experience even smoother with smart suggestions, Audio detection, custom backgrounds.

And, always open to suggestions

Python, Deep Learning, Flask, Tensorflow


Be prepared to Win Them. . .

Arriving way too soon now


Do adhere to the given rules.


  • Required to maintain proper workflow of the project and provide a learning environment in the pod.
  • Allot work through making issues on the repository. Mentees will then select their choice of issue to work on. This helps in keeping track of all the work going on in the project.
  • Review PRs submitted by mentees in an appropriate period of time. It is suggested to give mentees some insights on each PR and help them improve.
  • Scoring must be done on each PR and on the same day as merging the PR.
  • Must register as a Mentee if you want to contribute to other projects.
  • Have an Enforced Contribution Guideline which cannot exclude the Organizers in any way. Ask us for a Template.
  • Be aware of how to block/ limit interactions on the repository.

  • Mentees

  • Fulfill TASK 0 before proceeding with the event.
  • Find an issue you want to work on and get yourself assigned on it.
  • Should submit PR only after getting assigned on issue. No free pass on making PRs.
  • Follow the Contribution Guidelines.
  • Always ask Mentors for PR reviews respectfully.
  • Reply to Mentors on time and comply with tasks given.

  • General instructions

  • Cross-project contributions are allowed and promoted. However, one should make sure to keep working adequately on their primary project.
  • Any discussion regarding the projects should be done in it’s channel on the official chat platform. This promotes the open source nature of each project and allows participants from other pods to give insights too.
  • FAQ

    1. What are Milestones?

    Milestones are the goals set for the project and will vary from project to project. They are made to gauge the overall completion percentage for the project.

    2. What are Pods?

    Each project has 1 mentor and upto 6 mentees, which form together a pod. Each pod is focussed on one particular project each and will have a dedicated stream on the official chat platform.

    3. Do I have to dedicate my entire time?

    We don’t score on the basis of no. of hours contributed but rather through the quality of your commits & PRs. You can work according to your preferences and schedule.

    4. What if the mentor or mentee does not respond?

    Your first step should be respectfully reminding the other person. However, if they still fail to respond, do contact us and we will take care of the matter suitably.

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